Dr. Catharine Toso (DSW)


As a psychotherapist, Catharine Toso has experience in many different aspects of her field. One that particularly stands out is her work with children and adolescents. While some people may dismiss their feelings relative to turbulent family structures, Dr. Toso understands that they have important thoughts and opinions about those kinds of situations. Accordingly, she has made it a central part of her work to help them through difficult times that they may not know how to express or deal with on their own.

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Catharine Toso works with young children who are hoping to overcome behavioral, social, learning, and emotional issues or disorders. With older adolescents, problems range from anxiety and depression to social and family problems. It’s well known that divorce can have a huge impact on the child’s mental health, and so she offers therapy for families and children who are making that kind of adjustment. Catharine firmly believes that every case is different, and thus utilizes a personalized approach for each patient she treats. Since 2002, she has headed her own private practice, providing psychotherapy for individuals of all ages.

Catharine Toso’s interest in social work and clinical services stemmed from her early years in guidance services and camp settings. She has an extensive educational background that complements and supports her professional career. In 1983, she earned a B.A. in Social Work from Rosemont College. Her graduate degrees all came from the University of Pennsylvania: and include an M.S. in Psychological Services and Evaluation, as well as an M.S.W. and a D.S.W. in Social Work. Shortly after obtaining her third graduate degree, Catharine Toso began her work as a Child and Family Therapist at Hall-Mercer at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. There, she provided psychotherapy and treated children, adolescents, and families who exhibited a variety of emotional, social, and behavioral disorders. A mere six years later, Catharine opened up her own private practice in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Catharine Toso is a licensed psychotherapist. She now maintains a private practice continuing to utilize her skills in the treatment of children, adolescents, and families. She maintains a sub-speciality in forensics doing child custody evaluations for the court system, as well as regularly utilizing her considerable skill set to conduct mental health evaluations for persons involved in the legal system. Yet, it is her work with children and adolescents that Dr. Toso finds the most fulfilling.